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Patti's fantasy

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Cerebral Bisexual (No Longer)
He laid stock still, muscular arms and thick athletic legs pulled up to the top of the bed and secured with nearly unbreakable extra duty nylon ties. His shallow breathing devolved into a faint, barely audible muttering of what seemed to have become his new personal mantra. "Please! Please! Please!" His cock, 8 inches or so of thick warm flesh, stood fully, almost painfully erect; its base secured snugly with a 6 snap cockring that caused the veins to stand out in marvelous relief against his white flesh. It throbbed, lightly, bobbing in time with each "please" like a vein-filled conductor's wand.
His name is Steve. He's not an uncommon type of guy in today's world. You probably know a guy just like him. He's about six feet tall, with a fairly muscled chest and arms, a tapered waist and thick, muscular legs brought about through many years of running, rowing, biking, and lifting among other exercises. He's outgoing, gregarious and charming. He enjoys art films, dancing, coffee shops, and bookstores. He's fairly popular, pursuing any and all females that show interest in him, and oftentimes some that don't.
One night, he explained to me that he was a "cerebral bisexual." He went on to say that he could wrap his mind around the concept of hooking up with another guy, but couldn't get much cooperation from his body when trying to turn the "having sex with a guy" concept into reality. Apparently, he had once tried to hook up with a guy and found that his body wouldn't get excited enough to perform. Of course, keeping with the mindset of a lot of other curious guys his age, he thought of himself as a top only, intoning that it's experimenting to fuck a guy, but queer to get fucked by one. Yeah. There's enough denial in that mindset to drown a caravan of camels, but if that's the material by which his particular glass house is constructed, who am I to throw stones?
One night I met Steve and he led me through the bar to a corner, where stood a petite girl, with mid-length brown hair and a fairly athletic looking body. She smiled as she saw Steve, and then smiled even wider as she saw me following behind him. The big smile made me nervous. Most chicks don't look at a gay man who technically might be considered competition for the affection of her boyfriend and smile widely. Most of the time, they tend to morph into contestants from the Jerry Springer show and begin screaming at the encroaching gay man, telling him to "Get your hands off my man!"
Steve, ahead of me by a few feet, leaned over and pecked his girlfriend on the lips, turned quickly and began introducing us. My first impression of Patti was that she was nice, as far as girls went. She was pretty, nay beautiful, which is probably what attracted Steve in the first place. Steve seemed to like women who made good arm decorations for him in public. They weren't always the sharpest tool in the shed, but as long as they looked good and weren't too high maintenance, he kept them around for a while.
After talking for a while, Steve grabbed my drink and Patti's and headed off to the bar to get refills for us both. As he left, an odd, tense silence descended and we stood side by side, swaying lightly to the music as the stream of twinks walking to and from the dance floor flowed around us like water around stones.
Steve returned, handing us our fresh drinks and then quickly heading off onto the dance floor alone, wading through the crowd to get up onto to the dance blocks in the middle of the dance floor. As we watched him grab the pelvis of the twink in front of him and grind himself into it, Patti leaned over to me and giggled. "Like...sometimes I think he's really gay and I'm just his cover story. What do you think? Like am I his beard?"
I leaned down, bringing my mouth to her ear level and smiled. "He's told me he was unable to get into male on male sex physically, but I think he just needs the right guy to lay him down and fuck him till he screams. I think, somewhere, deep down, he really wants to be the bitch. Pardon the expression."
Patti threw her head back and laughed heartily. "Yes! Yes! I think you're right! Like, I think that's exactly what he needs. Like he's a nice guy, but I think he's a bit..."
"Confused?" I finished for her, and she shook her head a bit.
"Self-deluded" she said, finding what she thought was a better term for her boyfriend. "Like...I think he needs someone he knows, say a friend like you, to give him what he really needs. Let’s take him back to your place. I’ll blindfold him and tell him I have a BIG surprise for him."
The ride back to town was uneventful, punctuated by odd noises from Steve as he was tossed around the back deck of the wagon. We pulled into the parking spaces in front of my condo and I popped the back deck of the wagon open. I had begun to try to lift Steve out when Patti appeared and gave me a hand. Once safely ensconced in the downstairs bedroom, I left Patti to undress Steve while I searched for the nylon ties that I had gotten when I had gone through an s/m sex stage back in the mid-90's. I also grabbed a large bottle of lube and a few other toys that would make for some fun. By the time I got back to the bedroom, Steve was laying on the bed, naked, his one hand resting between his pecs and the other lightly cupping himself. I stopped and looked at him, letting my eyes memorize each curve and detail. Have you ever noticed that some people are just too fucking beautiful...they're even sexy when they're semi-unconscious. I know for a fact that I'd look like shit if the situation were reversed, and I was the one laying semi-unconscious and naked on the bed. .
I heard water running in the bathroom and assumed Patti was freshening up after the club. I sat down on the bed beside Steve, lightly taking each of his arms and fastening the fleece-lined cuffs to them, then pulling them up to the top of the bed and fastening them securely to the frame of the bed with nylon restraints. I did the same to his legs, and then left an additional pair of restraints up by his head for later use to support his legs during the actual intercourse. Steve moaned lightly as I ran my hand down his neck and over his pecs, pausing to lightly rub and pinch each nipple. I saw that his dick also began to respond, filling up incrementally with blood the more I played with his chest. Patti opened the door and came out to the bedroom. I stood up and began to put the toys and lube on the nightstand next to the bed within easy reach.
After I was finished with that, I took some shorts and a T-shirt into the bathroom to change out of the clothes I had worn to the club. I figured that if I was going to possibly have a long session of somewhat coercive sex with one of my friends tonight, I should probably at least get into some comfortable attire. As I partially closed the door, I watched Patti begin to lightly and repeatedly slap Steve's face until he grunted in protest and opened his eyes. It was then that he realized that he was immobilized and, after a few seconds of what I considered to be futile struggling, Patti grabbed him by the balls and he immediately went still. After a few seconds of terse silence, Patti informed Steve of what he had to look forward to tonight, namely that she had long thought he was gay and tonight she had found a guy who was willing to well and truly fuck him, and that it was for his own good.
Steve, not surprisingly, freaked. Whatever struggling he had attempted before was nothing compared to what he was doing now, and I had begun to wonder if the bed frame that I had tied him down to would be able to sustain much more of his struggling. He then decided that he should start yelling, though Patti had thought ahead on that one and shoved his underwear into his mouth and secured it behind his head with one of the extra nylon ties I had laid on the nightstand.
Steve, now only able to grunt loudly and pull at his restraints, did so for the next few minutes, until finally, his body, muscles tense and overtaxed, gave out and he lay breathing loudly through his nose. Patti got up into his face and cooed at him. As I opened the bathroom door, Patti smiled sinisterly and asked him if he could guess whom she had gotten to fuck him tonight. His eyes went small and he looked angry as he shook his head. She turned to me and motioned me forward, into his line of sight. When Steve saw me, his face brightened momentarily until he shook his head and closed his eyes. Patti undid his gag and pulled out his underwear.
"I can't believe you're doing this Patti!" he said as he opened his eyes. "What did you have to do to get him to help you? I don't think he'd have helped you do this on his own."
Patti laughed, and her laughter began to grate on my nerves like fingernails down a chalkboard. "I told him that if he didn't help, that I'd just make sure I said something to you about him, something that would insure that you and he didn't see each other anymore. I told him that if he didn't do it, I'd get someone else, someone maybe less trustful, less caring about your safety tonight. You should be proud of him, he's doing this because he actually cares for you."
"You're a bitch, Patti, you know that?" Steve snapped.
Patti smirked, "Yeah. I know. But then, you're going to be the bitch tonight, baby. So we'll be even then, won't we?"
Steve growled and pulled on his restraints with all his might, causing the muscles in his arms, legs, chest and abs to contract and stand out magnificently against his skin. I watched as Patti grabbed him roughly by the nuts again and began to squeeze them in her hand. Steve gasped and his body went instantly limp. As he squeezed his nuts, he began to breathe quickly and shallowly, almost hyperventilating from the pain.
"No more of that, or I'll make it so you'll be singing alto for the rest of your life?"
Steve moaned lightly and nodded as she released his testicles from her grip.
Patti turned to me and nodded, sneering slightly. "OK. He's all yours, go to work."
I walked over to the bedside table and picked up the bottle of lube, then leaned over Steve's face, placing my lips next to his ear.
"I won't mind if you need to close your eyes to try to make a virtue of necessity, Steve." I whispered, and then placed a light kiss on his neck below the ear. That feather light kiss brought forth a gasp from his lips and caused his whole body to shudder involuntarily. Apparently, Steve had an erogenous zone there. I tried not to smile as I filed that fact away for future reference.
Patti's eyes widened at Steve' reaction and she laughed lightly, filling the relative silence of the room. "Wow! You are good!"
I looked at her and felt my eyes begin to lose their warmth, turning cold and unfriendly. "Sit down and shut it, Patti. If I wanted color commentary, I'd have hired Howard Cosell."
Patti sank slowly into the chair by the foot of the bed and she spread her legs wide, exposing the absence of underwear beneath her skirt. She watched, entranced, and began to finger herself as the action on the bed progressed. She was out of sight for me, and that's what was important. The last thing I'd need to see now is her fingering herself and getting off to me fucking her boyfriend. He and I would both wind up in therapy after this was all over, albeit for differing reasons.
I bent back down to Steve and began to lick a trail from his neck to his nipples, stopping there a while to nibble each one, until both were hard as pointy as pencil erasers. Steve began to groan and I was pleased to notice that he was enjoying the sensations without having to close his eyes and pretend it was someone else. I then began to move slowly down, trailing my tongue down his stomach and across the dip in his abs. Steve's breath caught and hissed slowly out as I ran my tongue around his bellybutton and down the trail of hair that led to his pubes. I pulled back and noticed that Steve was really responding to my stimulus. I reached over and grabbed a small bottle off the nightstand and popped the top off it. I squeezed a few drops of the liquid onto my index finger and spread the cream over Steve's nipples, rubbing it in well. He tensed up as I finished with both nipples and I placed the bottle back on the nightstand. I smiled down at him and then leaned over his chest, taking a deep breath and blowing a cool breath of air over each nipple.
Steve moaned and his chest bucked up off the bed. "Unnnngh! What the fuck is that?"
I smiled at him. "Trade secret."
I blew a few more times on his nipples and watched him writhe around on the bed, his chest bucking up and his breathing becoming ragged.
I moved back down to his lower regions, smiling lightly as I watched his dick throb, and the tip slapping lightly against his abs. I ran a finger lightly down the length of it and was rewarded with a long, low moan as Steve's hips thrust upwards off the bed, as if trying to press his cock into my hand.
I grabbed Steve's ankle and unclipped the tie that held his ankle bound to the foot of the bed. I moved the fleece-lined restraint up from his ankle to the bend of his knee and then reattached it I pulled his leg up; bending it at the knee until the top of his thigh nearly touched his stomach. I reattached the restraint the to one of the two extra nylon ties at the top of the bed. I repeated that with the other leg. I saw Steve swallow loudly and nervously as I finished with the second leg, totally leaving his ass bare and open for me. Steve's eyes were wide as he turned his head, watching me as I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lubricant and one of the smaller toys.
I knelt between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock. He moaned as I dripped a long line of lubricant down the length of the shaft, then pulled it away from his stomach and began to slowly stroke it. As I stroked his cock with one hand, I used the other lightly run my fingers over his now-exposed rosebud. Steve tensed, then shuddered and began to moan louder with each touch.
I looked up into his eyes and was surprised to see the fear nearly gone from his face, replaced by a look of pure lust and need. I lowered my head over his cock and breathed on it, looking up to see his eyes widen.
"Do you want me to do this?"
Steve moaned and thrust his hips up, but I pulled my head back and asked again.
"Is this what you want, Steve?"
Steve nodded vigorously.
"I need to hear you say it, Steve." I said, running a finger over the head of his cock and watching him inhale sharply.
"I....I....I want you to." Steve stuttered quietly.
"Want me to what, Steve? Say it!" I smirked, running my thumb back and forth over the slit on his cock.
"I want you to...want you to suck me."
I smiled and trailed my tongue from the base of his cock to its head, then swirled it around the head a few times.
"Is that what you wanted Steve?" I said, teasing him.
Steve bit his lower lip, holding back a moan. "More." he whispered.
"More, Steve?" I said, making a mockery of the question.
"I want you to suck my dick! Don't lick it, suck it!" he said loudly.
I smiled, and then opened my mouth and took him in, bobbing rapidly up and down on his length and smiling as much as I could with his dick in my mouth when Steve cried out as the sensations overwhelmed him.
"FUCK FUCK FUCK YEAH! SUCK IT! OH FUCK!" Steve yelled, and I contemplated putting the gag back into his mouth probably not for the first time that night. I should have figured him to be a real screamer in the sack.
I continued to suck his dick, running my tongue around the head, and putting a twisting motion in to contemplate the up and down motion. It seemed to work. Steve was oozing pre-cum like a faucet and screaming and moaning at the top of his lungs.
Having his dick in my mouth freed up both hands and so I took advantage of that and poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and let it warm up a little. I rubbed it along his rosebud, caressing and massaging it as I sucked him until I felt his dick begin to thicken slightly as he neared orgasm. I took his balls in one hand and pulled my mouth off his dick. Steve moaned in frustration, having been so close to release.
I watched and waited until Steve's penis lost some of its hardness and I reached onto the nightstand and took the leather snap cockring and fastened it snugly around his dick. The ring immediately began to do its job and the veins in his penis began to stand out dramatically. I used a little more lube to slicken up his cock and, with just a few strokes, stood proudly back at attention, fully erect.
I looked deep into Steve's eyes as I slowly put my index finger inside of him. He gasped as he felt the intruder and I felt his sphincter snap shut around it. I smiled at him and murmured, "Well, there's no debating that you're a virgin down here, eh? I think you're trying to amputate my finger at the knuckle with your sphincter muscle."
Steve's anxiety melted away for a little bit and he struggled not to smile.
Once he had become accustomed to one finger, I began pistoning in and out of his ass and slowly stroke Steve's dick. The dual stimulus was overwhelming and he was soon writhing in pleasure on the bed. Just as cautiously, I added a second finger to his ass, and Steve groaned, then his breath caught as the longer finger in his asshole nudged his prostate. Steve's eyes bulged as I ran my fingers back and forth over his prostate, the pressure of the strokes gently stimulating it.
"Oh! Fuck! What the hell is that?" he gasped.
I smiled, "That is the reason men willingly get fucked." I added a third finger and began to ring his prostate like a bell. Steve's gasps turned into whimpers of delight and soon his whole body was twitching as he lay grinding his ass onto my fingers. .
I watched as a glob of pre-cum oozed forth from the tip of his dick and I slowly began to remove my fingers one at a time. Steve whimpered as I pulled out the last finger from his asshole.
"Why the fuck don't you finish me?" he yelled, his face turning red.
"Are you in a hurry? Do you have somewhere to be?" I teased him.
"No. NO! It's not that at all. It's just that you don't have to stop. I can cum more than once in a night." Steve said, his face more red now from embarrassment than from anger.
I smiled at him and then picked up the vibrator from the nightstand. "All right then. Let's go for round one, your first hands free orgasm."
Steve looked puzzled at my words and I dripped some lube on the tip of the slightly bent vibrator and slowly inserted it into his hole. Steve sighed as he felt it bump into his prostate.
"Feels good, huh?" I asked, knowing that what I was about to do would make it a whole lot better.
"Yeah." Steve nodded.
I switched the vibrator onto its lowest setting and watched bemusedly as Steve's eyes nearly popped out their sockets. His body bowed upwards as a loud moan that bordered on a scream exited his mouth.
I watched Steve's dick throb and slap noisily against his stomach, oozing out a long puddle of pre-cum onto his abs as they crunched and uncrunched, trying in vain to thrust his pelvis upwards.
I looked into Steve's eyes and took hold of the vibrator, twisting it slightly inside of him a bit, just before turning it to it's next highest setting. Steve's eyes began to roll back in his head and he let loose a long invective; swearing loudly from the mind-blowing pleasure the toy was bringing to his prostate. I smiled and decided that I'd let him go long enough, so I reached down and switched it to max. Steve's entire body tensed up, every muscle pulling taut and rigid as the first wave of his orgasm fell upon him. I watched, stunned, as Steve's dick began to fire forth its first load of the night. The first two shots shooting far over his head, past the headboard and hitting the wall behind with an audible 'splat'. The next two shots hitting the headboard, and the last four covering his face and chest with thick, white pearly liquid. Steve nearly screamed as I grabbed his cock and began to slowly milk the last drops of cum out of it.
"Ughhh UGHHH! Sensitive! Ughh!"
"Quiet! Ride the wave of the pleasure. Let it wash over you, but not overwhelm you!" I kept stroking as Steve groaned and thrust upwards feebly, his eyes still rolled back in his head, showing only whites for more than a minute.
After I stopped stroking him, Steve watched as I slowly lapped up the cum off his chest, neck and cheeks. I smiled at him and then pressed my lips to his, surprised when my kiss was answered with great fervor, and I felt his tongue probing my mouth, gathering up the taste of his own seed.
I pulled back and watched Steve relax. I stood up and smiled down at him. "I have a bit of a surprise for you, Steve."
Steve groaned, "This whole thing isn't enough? What's next, an at-home vasectomy?"
I smiled, amused by his rather wry humor. Not many guys have the chutzpah to crack a joke when they're naked and trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. "No. Patti's going to come over here and help you out now, for a while. I'm going to go get us all something to drink."
I turned and smiled at Patti who looked a bit surprised at the announcement I had just made. I motioned her up and she walked to the bedside. I unhooked Steve's legs from the top of the bed, letting them fall freely to the ground. I grabbed her by the waist and told her to straddle Steve's face. I watched as Steve's cock leapt back to half erection as Patti lowered herself down on his face. Patti began to moan as Steve's tongue began to work in and out of her. I grabbed Patti's wrists and secured them to the headboard, thus assuring that she wouldn't get up while I was getting us refreshments. As I got off the bed, I smiled and grabbed up a second smaller finger vibe from the nightstand, lubed it up, and then reached down and quickly inserted it into Patti's asshole. This was about the closest I'd ever gotten to having sex with a woman, thought I doubt she appreciated the length I had just gone through in touching her naked form. Up to that point in my life, I'd have run screaming out to the sink to scrub my hand and arm with disinfectant soap and scalding hot water. Patti began to protest the vibrator until I turned it on to its maximum setting. I made my way to the door and her complaints had vanished into a sea of whimpering and moaning as the vibrator and Steve's tongue worked their magic.
I nipped down to the kitchen and grabbed a few glasses from the cupboard, filling each with some Gatorade. I separated one glass, Steve's glass, from the others. I opened the cupboard and pulled out a prescription bottle and popped the cap. I took out one of the small blue pills and used a pill grinder to grind it up to a fine powder, and then I dumped it into his glass and mixed it in. It dissolved instantly and I took all three glasses back up the stairs to the bedroom.
When I opened the bedroom door, I was met with what I believe was the last of a series of loud, orgasmic screams from Patti. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open wide and she was panting between yelps. I figure she was having an orgasm or she was having a heart attack. Not being a doctor, or ever having had sex with women, I wouldn't have been able to tell either way, unless she dropped over dead.
I untied Patti from the bed and gave her one of the unspiked glasses of Gatorade. As she toddled off to the bathroom, I took the spiked glass of Gatorade and put it on the nightstand, then grabbed a towel, wet it with some warm, soapy water and wiped Patti's juices off Steve's face. I tried not to look as if seeing her juices on Steve's face iccked me out, but apparently something must have shown on my face because Steve was smiling and giggling as he watched me gingerly clean him up. I took the glass of Gatorade and tipped his head forward, allowing him to drink it all down. He smiled and thanked me for the drink. HA! If only he knew!
I looked at the alarm clock and noted the time, realizing that the Viagra I had just given him would take a little time to kick in, and then the night's entertainment would really start in earnest.
I slowly untied the tie of my long shorts and began to slowly pull them down, when I realized my captive audience of one was staring, showing an undeniable interest at what lay beneath my shorts. I made a show of slowly pulling my shorts down my legs and then step out of them as they puddled around my feet. Steve's eyes were locked onto to the bulge of my package so I smiled and grabbed hold of it through my jockeys. "See something you like?"
Steve blushed and looked away for a second. I smiled as I watched his eyes snap back to my crotch not a minute later.
"I think you do see something that's piqued your interest, haven't you, Steve? You want some of this?" I asked innocently, rubbing the cotton as it pressed over the long tube of my shaft.
Steve's face flushed a dark red and I smiled as I put a hand inside my underwear and wrapped my fingers around the length my semi-hard dick. Steve's breath hitched as he watched, unblinking at the outline of my fingers through the cotton as I began slowly running my fingers up and around the head of my cock. I moaned lightly and noted that Steve's erection was standing tall and throbbing full again. I got up on the bed and began to straddle his face. I came to rest just as the tip of my bulge lay just out of reach of his lips. I wasn't going to force this on him completely, I thought; if he wants this, he can stretch his neck a little to get it.
I looked down into Steve's eyes just before they closed and his head leaned forward, covering the short distance to my jockey covered cock. I gasped as Steve opened his mouth and began to slobber, lick and suck on the bulge nestled in my underwear, covering my cotton covered prick in the warm wash of his saliva.
"Oh...that's good Steve. Real good. You sure you've never done this before?" I said, smiling down at him at he noshed on my bone through the fabric. He mumbled into my crotch and shook his head slightly. I pulled up and felt his mouth pull away from the front of my now soaked underwear.
I grinned at Steve as he whimpered. "Wanna try it again, this time without the underwear?"
Steve nodded slowly and I pulled my underwear down and hooked it under my nuts, pulling the entire package forward and making it jut out more impressively.
Steve groaned as I slowly straddled his face once again, playfully taking my still slobbery cock and slapping him on the cheeks with it.
"Open wide, Steve." Steve opened his mouth wide, anxious for more of what he had just tasted.
"Good!" I smiled, "Now, stick out your tongue and say ahhhh!"
Steve, looking dubious, did as I asked, and groaned as I stroked my cock up and down the length of his tongue, depositing a long line of pre-cum as I did so. Steve's tongue disappeared back into his mouth and I smiled as I heard him tasting the fluid I had just deposited.
"How's that taste, dude?" I asked, reaching down and placing a hand at the back of his head, lifing it up a bit and putting a small pillow under it.
Steve smacked his lips lightly, "A little salty, a little sweet. I've tasted worse."
"Good" I said, pulling his head up so that my dick was lined up with his mouth. "Let's see how well you suck." I pushed the length of my cock into Steve's mouth, smiling as I felt him tense as it nudged the back of his throat. Steve looked up at me, his eyes wide.
"Well? Get on it, man. Suck it!" I said, more a command than a request. Steve's head began to pivot back and forth causing my cock to slide nearly out of his mouth, and then back almost the whole way in again. I closed my eyes and reached down to touch Steve's chest, running a hand across his meaty pec and slowly pinching and twisting his nipple. Steve's chest bucked up under me and he began to moan softly around my dick, the vibrations causing me to shake and moan myself. Steve's eyes twinkled then and I saw his head begin to bob on my cock faster and faster yet. I pulled out of his mouth just before he could pull me over the edge, then moved my pelvis up a bit further, placing my ballsac into his hot and waiting mouth.
For a guy who had limited experience-sucking dick, Steve was doing an excellent job, rolling my balls slowly in his mouth, causing me to gasp and shiver in delight. I pulled my balls away from his mouth and he moaned.
"Cerebral bisexual, eh?" I smiled down at him as Gloria giggled from her chair behind me at the foot of the bed. "I think you need to come out of the closet. Not many straight guys can suck dick like that."
Steve's face broke out into a sheepish grin. "I did tell you I tried this before, right?" I nodded at him and he continued, " Well...I didn't give up till I got it right with that guy."
That unexpected response made me laugh. "Lucky boy! Ever been fucked before tonight, though?"
Steve shook his head. "Huh-uh. Sucking is about as far as I got."
I nodded as I got up off his chest and slid off the bed and began refastening his legs to the headboard, smiling as his rock-hard dick slapped noisily off his abs. "If you've liked what we've done so far, who knows, you might really enjoy bottoming."
I reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand and squeezed a large dollop out onto my fingers in order to freshen Steve's hole up, fingering it slowly while he squirmed and moaned lightly at the intruding fingers. I knelt between his legs and positioned the tip of my dick at the entrance to his hole. I grabbed hold of his dick with one hand and slowly began to stroke him as I used the other hand to slowly guide my cock into his hole.
Steve groaned, grunting at the larger width of the new intruder. I slowly inched it in, a bit at a time, till finally my pubes butted up against his balls and I felt the front of my own nuts come to rest against his asscheeks. I sighed at the tightness of his hole and smiled as I heard Steve sigh in return.
"Well..You’re no longer an anal virgin, eh Steve?"
I looked at him and smiled, then pulled back, till the head of my cock nearly came out of his ass, then slammed my hips forward quickly, tearing a gasp from Steve's throat."
"Oh! Oh! Oh Shit!" Steve gasped as I repeated the action and began to quicken my strokes on his cock. "Unngh! Oh, Yeah! Faster!"
I grinned and complied, ratcheting up the rhythm of my strokes, until Steve's moans and grunts turned into yips and yelps of pleasure.
"If..." Steve stuttered, momentarily left breathless from a particularly energetic stroke inwards. "If you don't slow down, I'm gonna cum again."
I smiled evilly and poured on the steam, pistoning in and out of his hole till sweat dripped down my chest and I began to feel a burning in my hips and abs from the repetitive motion. I smiled as I saw Steve's body looking nearly aglow in a sheet of perspiration, his lower abs nearly covered in a puddle of his pre-cum. Just as I thought my energy would give out, Steve's body tensed up, his arms, legs, abs and back flexing with enough power to literally lift him off the mattress as his cock, sliding wetly in my grasp, began to spew cum like a volcano. Steve screamed as his orgasm overtook him and I felt his ass clamp down on my cock like a vice. I groaned and let my load loose, coating his insides with my seed.
After Steve's asshole left loose of my now softening dick, I leaned forward and looked into Steve's eyes.
"OK?" I asked, looking to see how he had taken it. Steve nodded and leaned his head forward, pressing his lips against my own.
"Better than OK. That was un-fucking-believable!" he exclaimed, after the kiss.
I smiled and pulled back, grabbing the last toy from the nightstand and spreading a light amount of lube onto it and then opening up the controller to make sure that the batteries were present and working. I looked up to see Steve's face lined with concern.
"What the fuck is that?!?" he said, indicating the metallic anal probe. I smiled deviously at him.
"Hmmm...maybe I'll tell ya...maybe I won't." I teased, "I guarantee you'll get a charge out of it one way or the other."
Steve groaned, "But...I don't think I'll be able know...get it going again."
I grinned and grabbed his still hard cock and gave it a few tugs.
" the fuck is that possible?!? This will be like....the third time...and it's not gone down yet."
I grinned and decided to mess with him a bit. "It's the gay sex thing. We can go all night and it doesn't go limp afterwards like with straight sex."
Steve looked stunned. "Really?!?"
I nodded and tried not to smile. It worked for only a few minutes before I broke up laughing.
"If you believe that, I also have some oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell you, too!"
Steve harrumphed and then nodded to his still hard dick. "But how?!"
I smiled at him and shook my head. "Trade secrets, buddy!"
Steve stuck out his lower lip and pouted until I pressed the metal probe into his asshole. I pushed it in the entire way and then moved him to the one side of the bed so that I could lie beside him. Steve watched intently as I took the controller and turned it on its lowest setting. Nothing happened.
"Um...I think that might be a bit too low...I don't feel anything." he said, apparently waiting for something to happen.
I nodded at him and then leaned over the side of his chest and took his nipple into my mouth and began to suck and nibble on it lightly. Steve's head dropped back and he moaned appreciatively. As I sucked and nibbled on his tit, I switched the controller over into my right hand and used my left to slowly begin to jerk him off again.
"Oh man...that feels so fuckin' good!" Steve hissed as I rubbed my fingers over the still lubricated head of his cock. "I can't believe I'm still fuckin' hard. This is so intense!"
'Not as intense as this will be.' I thought as I clicked the controller for the anal plug up a notch to its next level. Steve's eyes popped open wide and his body tensed up, arching his ass high off the bed as a deep guttural moan exited forth from his mouth.
"UUuuuuuugghhhhh!" he groaned hoarsely, " that? It's...ummmmmm....unnnnnnghhhh."
I grinned and pulled the power back down. "It's intense, huh?"
Steve nodded, his throat working hard, swallowing repeatedly. I pulled my head up, even with Steve's, still not relinquishing my grasp on his cock, and kissed him again below his ear, watching the reaction of the kiss break over him, causing his body to quiver and his dick to twitch and throb. I leaned in closely to his ear and began to whisper to him quietly as I increased the speed and intensity of the stroking of his cock. Steve's hips twitched slightly as he felt my hand corkscrew up his sha....................

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Rose Petals - Before the Trails

Posted by paynestein (a swingers couple on

He saw her step in, oblivious to her own beauty, in her soft bottle green summer dress. Since her liberation from the material world only three years ago she had flatly refused to wear undergarments unless prudence utterly demanded it. The sun twinkled its decadent golden lashes through the antique window’s orange shade and made the barefooted wild woman a slender statue of invitation.
His own bare chest glowed from a light sheen of perspiration she found delicious. There was just something about her, some hypnotic thing that [wrapped] [he was rapt in her simple beauty] him in her simple beauty. She was that kind of beautiful, like raindrops on a windowsill. He could do little more than breathe the scent in deeply, smile and allow his body to echo her rhythm.
She stepped toward him and slid past toward her backpack, her immediate mission at odds with his. He would have none of it. Gently he took her elbows as she leaned forward. He stood behind her, smelling her hair and neck as she brought herself erect again. Her neck was long and inviting and his lips took their time to explore the stretched muscle from shoulder to ear to jaw and back again. His hands slid away from her arms and around her torso in a tightening embrace. He pressed himself to her, her body coiling to match his, soft growls crawling from her lips without concern.
Small circles of his fingers around the fabric that covered her belly button grew larger and flattened into palms. The thought ate at him; a thousand naughty thoughts. ‘She is nude beneath one thin layer of fabric. She is so very nude.’ His hands traversed each subtle rise and fall of her form without heed to what was normally covered and what was not. Each inch of delicate flesh was bound together with a long delicious stroke of the palm. Silence nibbled gently on her ear .................

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Posted by nootycute on

Her, everyday through the glass I watched her. The bounce of her breasts the shape of her body, the fluid graceful way she carried herself. She was beautiful..
I had never been graceful or considered myself beautiful, not like her, but I had found a man to love me and understand my cravings, we married young but were so happy even after ten years, neither of us strayed, or even considered it till I saw her, she was magnetic, I felt drawn to her. Every time I saw her my blood would rush to my lips and my juices would start to flow, soaking my panties. She worked in the bakery next to my office, the buildings were set up so windows looked through the walls, so all day I got to watch her, her wonderful heart shape ass and full lips, she had a beautiful smile and constantly looked through the window at me. I was an accountant and spent most of the day seeing a few clients but mostly working on my computer. After she moved in next door, I hardly got any work done, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I had told my husband about the beauty next door and one day he came to my office for lunch.
He came in and sat down next to me facing the window and said "Wow, I see what you mean, I'll be right back." I was startled my husband had never been that confidant even though he had every reason to be with his slim athletic frame and tight abs, he was one of those hot guys who didn't realize it. My husband left my office and moments later stepped into the bakery next door, smiling at her, he went to the counter and started talking, soon he gestured in my direction and I saw her look over at me and smile, I blushed and looked away, next thing I knew she handed my husband a slip of paper and he scribbled something on it and gave it back. "what the hell is going on?" I whispered and then my husband came back into my office with a couple of cinnamon roles with a broad smile plastered on his face sat down handed me a roll but said nothing. I waited but nothing came out, finally I asked him what happen, he got up kissed me and said he had to go back to work, then he went to the door and right before he left he turned and said "Eve" . I looked through the glass at "Eve" and she smiled and went back to work, so I did to.
That night when I finally got home I felt I was gonna burst from the suspense, my husband walked in the door said hello and went to take a shower, I followed him into the bathroom but he refused to answer any questions concerning "Eve". I eventually got into the shower with him to further question him but instead he quickly grabbed me and passionately kissed me. With his tongue probing my mouth I lost my train of thought and kissed him back, he stopped grabbed the loofah and began to wash me slowly, lingering on my large engorged nipple, he tease them with his tongue and slowly finished watching me, after rinsing me off I felt three of his fingers slide deep inside of me and began to pump slowly, then harder and faster until I was scream in ecstasy, right when I was about to cum he removed his fingers and rinsed them off in the running water. Suddenly he turned it off and got out, confuse I followed thinking we would finish on the bed, I had no idea.

My husband led me into the bedroom and instructed me to to lie on the bed and close my eyes, I heard a drawer open and a few moments later I felt a cloth being tried around my head, he blindfolded me! Then I felt pressure on the bed and suddenly someone was straddling me. I felt my hands being brought up over my head and tied to the bed posts, I puckered my lips waiting for my husband to kiss me but then I felt breasts against my breasts and gasped, could it be? I reached up to pull off the blindfold but my hands were brushed away, "Eve" I whispered, "I heard that I make you wet, is that true? Lets see," I felt her reach down between my legs and slowly caress my lips, probing with the tips of her fingers, "Oh I do!" It was true since I had felt her breasts on mine I had gotten more and more wet with each moment, my lips and nipples were tingling with anticipation, suddenly her mouth was covering mine in a lingering passionate kiss, her mouth was sweeter then I had imagined and I couldn't get enough, suddenly she move away from my face and kissed her way down my neck, my hips were swaying involuntarily with the motion of her wonderful body, she kissed down to my lips and slowly licked every inch of it starting with my clit, she slowly rolled her tongue in and out of my hole and moaned softly, I felt like I was gonna burn up from the inside, I had never felt such pleasure, she moved her mouth up to my clit and slipped three of her fingers into me one by one, then she began pumping slowly, her other hand was traveling along my body rubbing my breasts and and pinching my nipples lightly, she kept pumping her fingers slowly then suddenly sped up while flicking her tongue in time with her fingers, I was already on the verge of cummimg but this drove me crazy I suddenly felt that fire spread and then burst out of me, I came violently and loudly, slamming he............
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A sexy blindfold Encounter

Posted by SpiceSeekers on

This is lengthy so bare with it, it's worth it. In order to give you a good idea of the evening I had to give you an idea of this event.

She wanted to experience something sexually different. Apprehension, not knowing who would be doing her, and the unexpected. So we decided to invite 5 men for her to be ravaged beyond her expectations. We searched one of the sites and found 5 guys that she may feel comfortable with. We invited the guys to meet us for drinks to break the ice and get acquainted. We laid out the guidelines and what was to happen. All agreed and the stage was set. We were to meet at a designated motel the following Saturday evening.
The rules were simple; all the guys were to be showered and ready to go when they arrived. The wife would be in bed with a sheer purple see through teddy with thong and blind fold. No words were to be spoken by the guys other than moans and groans. They would all take turns on her and she would dictate any instructions. When they were ready to cum they were to tap her. I would video tape the encounter for our personal viewing. She would have no idea who would be doing what to her.

The night came, at 8 PM all the guys showed up on time. She was prepared in bed with a blindfold on with covers up to her chin. She was VERY nervous but in full anticipation. All the guys quickly undressed. They circled the bed. 2 guys slowly pulled the blanket down to reveal her slightly shaking sexy body. Her legs were spread and her pink nipples were already erect. She was already soaked. Guy 1 bent down and began kissing her while massaging her left breast, she put her arm around his neck and pulled him in close, his cock straight as an arrow, her other hand slowly stroking his hard cock. Guy 2 was lightly kissing her neck and lightly pinching her other nipple. Guy 3 was kissing her stomach and rubbing her outer thighs, guy 3 was between her legs teasing her soaked pussy with his tongue, guys 4 and 5 were rubbing her legs. WOW what a sight. All had rails on 3 were hung rather well. The only noises were here moaning. As she lay there she was helped out of her outfit and moved around to the middle of the bed. Legs WIDELY spread arms extended. 2 guys knelt beside her as she took one in her mouth, he was a good 8” and thick. She stroked the other fast as I could see her body arching up in the air as another began eating her wildly. 2 guys sucking on her nipples all the while. She was moaning loud and uncontrollable. She was bent back over the edge of the bed as another guy stood a top of her She took his cock and placed it in her mouth he began pumping her mouth fucking it. Another guy got between her legs and inserted himself inside her. I could see his precum dripping. He slowly penetrated her and when he reached max depth he gave a fast thrust, she screamed while arched up in the air. The guy in her mouth was slowly fucking her mouth, she put her hands behind his ass and brought him the whole way. He began pumping her mouth as the guy inside her was pumping her fast and hard. The guy in her mouth was getting ready to cum he tapped her, he tried to withdraw and she gripped him and took him deep throat he moaned as he pumped his cum down her throat. I was amazed she hates the taste of cum and has never swallowed. This was so hot seeing her do this.

As soon as the guy came another took his spot. The guy inside her was ready to blow too and he tapped her and withdrew she jerked him off on her stomach. Another took his place. She was so wet he went in her with no effort the guy in her mouth was fucking her mouth like it was a pussy she was moaning and moaning, her legs wrapped around the guy inside her he’d pull back she’d bring him in. all the while she is jacking off 2 guys at the same time. The guy inside her was ready to cum he pulled out and she grabbed his cock and shot his load on her pussy, his cum mixing with hers and her cum was running out of her. The guy in her mouth tapped her and she placed both hands on his and deep throated him. He let loose with a loud groan as he came in her throat. He had a hell of a load because it was coming out her mouth and running down her cheek. She was helped to her knees and another guy took her doggie as 2 guys laid in front of her she took turns sucking them as the guy behind her was fucking her deep. Withdrawing from her and thrusting in her over and over again. She was bucking him fast and furious. She stopped him, took his cock in her hand and put it at her ass. She said I want you in my ass but slowly. He entered her and she moaned. He stood still as she bucked him, once he was in she said ok give it to me. And he did. Fucking her ass as like it was a pussy. She was sucking both guys as she was being pummeled in her ass. The guy in her ass tapped her and she said NO don’t pull it cum in me I want to feel you expand in me and feel the hot. He buried himself deep in her grabbed her ass spread her cheeks and groaned as he shot. She yelled god I can feel it, OMG it’s hot. He pumped her and pumped her he pulled out and her ass stayed open his cum running out of her down her leg.

Another guy got behind her and went in her pussy and began slamming her. Both guys in her mouth were ready to cum. The one guy put his hand on her head and buried her to his balls he moaned as he tapped her and she took him. I could see her gagging but no stopping. She finished him and turned to the other guy, meanwhile her body was being rocked my the guy inside her.. He tapped her she said to him NO don't pull it I want you to cum in me. I could see her squeezing him inside her and he moaned and was cumming in her. The guy in her mouth tapped her, she took his head just inside her mouth, I could see him expanding he moaned as he came in her mouth as he came in her mouth some was running down his shaft, she buried his cock in her throat and fucked his cock like it was in her pussy, he went wild and tapped her again, he moaned as if in what?? He came again she took all of him. So much cum she had to pull back and tongued him as he was spiriting on her face. The guy behind her withdrew and his cum was all over her ass end. They took a brief break…Silence.

She said ok One more thing. Some of the guys were done. She had 3 stand before her. She stroked them back up and measured them by feel. She said I want DP and to suck one. I will direct who I want where. The guy with the biggest cock she directed to her pussy. She said to another guy I want you in my ass and the 3rd I will suck you. She directed the one to lay on his back, She climbed on him knelt front and said to the other and grabbed him by his cock and placed his head just inside her ass. The other stood over top the guy on his back. She began sucking the guy as the guy in her ass entered her, she was riding the guy and getting fucked in her ass. She was all but screaming. Her mouth getting fucked and both guys inside her thrusting her. She said to the 2 inside her… when you have to cum I want to feel you cum inside me, don’t tap just cum, The guy in her mouth she said tap me and I will take you deep. The guy in her mouth was first, he tapped and she took him to his balls she gulped over and over again as he moaned, she moaned as she took every drop. He pulled out limp. She took every drop. She then was thrusting herself and said OMG I’m cumming... faster, don't stop, don't stop. She then did something I have only seen once..She squirted, She was on the guy so he couldn’t exit her when she squirted he damn near screamed and… She squirted for a good 10 seconds it was streaming out of her like a garden hose all over this guy. I mean she came all over the place. It was a wild scene. He tensed up grabbed her tits and pumped up in her, he was cumming, the guy in her ass was trying to keep up. As the guy on his back was cumming she pumped him merciless. He went limp and my wife fell on him limp softly and lightly moaning while appearing exhausted.

As the guy in her ass began cumming He was moaning and moaning I could see his cum streaming out of her. She laid there totally exhausted, all the while softly moaning and not moving. He pulled out and her ass as it was still open wide with a river of cum oozing out of her. All 6 lay exhausted. After a bit of NO talking, they took turns cleaning up and as they left she pecked each one and thanked them. I thanked them too and all indicated, a repeat performance! I said we shall see. This all took 3 hours or so. She took off her blindfold and saw soaking wet sheets with cum all over the bed and her. She was sore and so tired. I said to her I thought you hated the taste of cum why did you swallow? She said I was so out of my mind it was like I was outside looking down and I was so wrapped up in it I just did it. She took a shower then sucked me off and took my load in her throat. I sa...........

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The First Time

Posted by tickleyou69 (a swingers couple on

The cool air washed over my body as I stepped out of the shower
When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I noticed that the cooler air had
caused my nipples to harden. I ran my fingers over my nipples and felt a quick jolt of pleasure flow through my body. Was it the cool air, or the excitement
I had felt all day, or for that matter all week! Tonight was to my husband
Bill's and my first visit to a an off-premise swing club located in a city
close to where we lived.
Bill and I had been talking about investigating the swinging
lifestyle for months. We had picked up several swinging contact
magazines and read what little information other magazines had printed
on the lifestyle and had finally decided to take the leap and find out what
it was all about.
As I stood looking at my body in the mirror, I recalled the one
single event that had finally motivated us to go further than just talking
about it. It came when a couple we had been friends with for years, Tom
and Nancy, admitted over drinks one evening two weeks ago that they had
been in the lifestyle for several years. They went on to say that they did
not discuss it openly with many of their non-swinging friends because few
were open-minded enough to accept such an alternative lifestyle. Bill and
I smiled at each other when we heard that remark, remembering the few
times we had discussed such things with close friends and the shocked
looks we had recieved from them as a result.
When I heard that remark, I tried to keep from being surprised by
their admission myself. Tom and Nancy had been good friends but I
would never have thought they were swingers. While both quite
attractive, they did not look anything like what I thought "swingers"
would look like. Their wholesome good looks reminded me more of the
local PTA organizers than a couple involved in this kind of lifestyle.
When I made a remark to them about that, they smiled and said that the
people in swinging were a cross section of society: rich, poor, young, old,
beautiful, not so beautiful, and everything in between.
Tom and Nancy went on to explain that swinging was not right for
most couples. In general, they said, many couples did not have the
communication skills necessary for such a lifestyle. Besides that, most
couples could not handle such things as jealousy and performance anxiety
common in many beginning couples. They went on to say that it takes a
very special couple to handle the unique emotional and relationship
issues of the lifestyle. They explained that many couples try to get started
in the lifestyle for all the wrong reasons. Those couples that were usually
the happiest, and most successful, did not get started in swinging to fix
something wrong in their relationship, rather to make it better by adding to
Tom and Nancy further explained the positive effect swinging had
had in their relationship. How they felt closer than they had before, the
increase level of excitement that it brought to their "private", as they
called it, sex life, and the close friends that it had brought into their lives.
As the evening wore on, they said that it was clear that we had some
interest in swinging and that if, after discussing what we had heard, we
wished to explore it further, to let them know and they would help us meet
some other couples in the lifestyle.
Discuss it we did! It seemed that was all we talked about for the
next week or so. Finally, one night I came out and asked Bill if he wanted
to go ahead and find out more, to take Tom and Nancy up on their offer to
help us. The answer was the an enthusiastic yes, as if there was any
doubt, and I have to admit my level of enthusiasm was at least as great as

A phone call to our mentors, Tom and Nancy, quickly followed,
and they suggested we accompany them to an off-premise social club, The
Chariot, that swingers attended on weekends. Nancy explained to me that
it was a low pressure atmosphere that we would enjoy. It would give us
an opportunity to meet some other couples without any pressure to
participate in any way. She assured us that if we decided that the lifestyle
was not right for us that we would have a good time and they would enjoy
our company. We agreed on the following Saturday and made plans to
meet them for dinner before going to the club.
The phone lines burned between our house and Tom and Nancy's
during the following week. It seemed as if we had a hundred questions to
ask. All of them were answered with the paitence of a couple of old pros
at the swinging game. Nancy explained to me one evening, after I had
apologized for all the questions, that our questions and concerns were
typical, and expected, and that there was no reason to apologize for

One question in particular had me concerned, as silly as I admit it
was, what to wear? Nancy suggested a shopping trip and we hit the malls.
Her suggestions were quite valuable and I finally began to feel like I was
ready for this expedition into the world of swinging.
Meanwhile the phone lines were not the only thing burning. The
sheets of our marital bed were a little toasty as well. Our lovemaking had
not been this intense, or frequent, since our honeymoon. We wondered if
this was what Tom and Nancy were talking about. When I mentioned it to
Nancy during our shopping trip, she simply smiled and said that we hadn't
seen anything yet, wait until we experienced the "after", it would be even
better than the "before" that we were now going through.
I smiled to my reflection in the mirror, recalling that comment as I
continued my preparations for our night out. I applied my make-up, using
a little more than is usual for me, fixed my hair and began to get dressed.
I couldn't help but occasionally rub my still hard nipples or slide my hand
across my ass and slightly excited pussy. The combination of excitement
and nervousness was running rampant through my body as I got ready.
When I was finally done I checked myself in the full length mirror
in our bedroom. Not bad for a 34 year old mother of two, I said to myself.
The outfit that Nancy and I had so carefully planned was a total success, I
thought. I was wearing a a black silk teddy with sphagetti straps and a T-
back which prominently displayed my firm, medium sized tits. I had
topped off my outfit with a miniskirt, garter belt and hose, and 4 inch
heels. I had wanted to have a sophisticated yet naughty look and I think
the outfit had achieved those expectations to the fullest. I especially liked
the way the silk rubbed against my breasts and kept my nipples hard,
raising the fabric like two little tent poles on my chest. The silk of the
teddy also rubbed sensuously against my freshly shaved pussy. I also liked
the way my legs looked perched on top of the heels. I had never owned a
pair of "fuck-me pumps", as Nancy called them, always thinking of them
as impractical, but I was very happy with the image now before me. I put
on a jacket and went to go find Bill downstairs and see if he was ready to

When I joined him downstairs I was a little surprised. He had
discarded his glasses in favor of the contacts he rarely wore and was
wearing some tight slacks that nicely outlined the contours of his ass. He
had chosen a black T-shirt that was wrapped around his well proportined
chest and trim waist and had topped it off with a raw silk jacket. Very
delectable, even if he is my own husband of 11 years.
When he saw me, I could see the surprise on his face also. My shopping
trip with Nancy had been a big secret so he had no idea about what I was
going to wear. That look told me it had definitely been a success. There
was raw lust in those eyes, the kind of lust this outfit was intended to
create. It was clear that I might need to reconsider my wardrobe and re-
evaluate the household budget to do some more shopping, especially if
this was the result.

Bill swept me into his arms and kissed me and I said, "I take it you
like my outfit." Of course I knew the answer, especially as I felt the
stirrings in his slacks.
"I love the outfit, you sure you want to go out tonight, we might
want to stay here and have some fun by ourselves," he said as he playfully
squeezed my nipple.
I felt the electric sensations shoot from my breast through my
body, "I know that wasn't a serious question, I know how much you have
been looking forward to tonight," I replied. "Besides, who says we can't
have some fun when we get home tonight, if you're up to it," I countered.
"That sounds like an offer I can't refuse. In that case let's go," he
We met Tom and Nancy for dinner at a restaurant close to The Chariot.
Over a great dinner and a couple of bottles of wine we discussed what we
could expect later. The wine helped settle the butterflies in my stomach, but only
increased my level of excitement and anticipation. We were finally going
to do it! I had to keep reminding myself that we were only here to check it
out, but I couldn't help but feel that much more was in store for us before
the night was over. Bill and I had discussed the possibilities and had
agreed that we would kind of go with the flow. We had, after it was
suggested by Tom and Nancy, worked out a system of non-verbal signs to
let each other know what we thought about whatever situation might later

We felt like we had talked everything out and were going into this
experience fully informed and prepared. At least that was what we told
ourselves. I must say that Bill was very supportive of me, and had made it
very clear that if, at any point, I felt uncomfortable that I should let him
know and we would make a polite but hasty retreat. From what Nancy
had told me, that would probably not be necessary, however, the support I
got from my husband did make me feel a lot more secure in the decision
to attend tonight's festivities.

Besides the support I was receiving from Bill, I got the definite
impression that Tom and Nancy were going to be keeping their eyes on us,
making sure everything went well. The fact that we had a couple of
veterans to hold our hands was very reassuring to both of us. And besides,
I thought, as I admired the couple sitting across from us, I wouldn't mind
a little hand holding, or whatever needed to be held, from them. I had on
more than one occasion admired the bulge in Tom's slacks, wondering
what pleasures might be hidden there. Nancy's stories of Tom's sexual
prowess had resulted in more than a few fantasies on that topic. And from
what Nancy had told me of her discussion with him about me, the feeling
was definitely mutual.

As my view moved over to Nancy I couldn't help but think about
what it would be like to be with another woman. Nancy made no secret of
the fact that she was bi-sexual. She claimed that many, if not a majority,
of the women in the lifestyle were bi-sexual. Our shopping trip and
frequent phone conversations in the last few weeks seemed to have drawn
us even closer than before. I thought back to the clumsy adventures I had
shared with a roommate in college, but this was different, very different.
Nancy was a mature, experienced woman who I was sure could teach me a
thing or two. I caught myself staring at the ripe expanse of Nancy's
cleavage, my mind lost in her accounts of their swinging experiences,
including more than a few about some of her female lovers.
Before I knew it, dinner was over, the plates had been cleared
away and we prepared to be on our way to the next phase of what I had
come to think of as the "The Great Expedition." It had become, after all,
an expedition not only into the world of swinging but also an exploration
of the limits of our own sexuality.

During the short drive to The Chariot, Bill and I talked excitedly
about what we could expect to find at the club. Tom and Nancy had given
us a full run down, but the level of excitement and expectation was
overwhelming. When we arrived, Nancy took me inside the dark depths
of the small club while Tom and Bill paid the cover to the doorman. We
quickly found a table and caught the attention of a cocktail waitress and
ordered a round of drinks. When our husbands joined us, Nancy asked me
to accompany her to the ladies room.

I couldn't help but check out the other people at the club as we
walked towards the ladies room. Even though it was still early and no
where near full, I could see that Tom and Nancy's description of the
couples in the lifestyle were definitely accurate. I saw an older couple
that reminded me of some friends of my parents. In another corner I saw a
young couple, he looked as if he could have been a college football player
and she had the fresh good looks of a cheer leader. Every other
combination and permutation of humanity was represented by the
customers of the club.

I told Nancy of my observations when we entered the ladies room
and she simply smiled, as if to say "I told you so." We also discussed my
first impressions as we freshened our make up and chit chatted a little.
She told me how pleased she had been with the results of our shopping
trip and how handsome she thought Bill looked as well. She assured us
that we would be a great hit with the other couples tonight. Without
thinking, I turned to her and kissed her and then thanked her for all her
help and support.

She returned my kiss and said, "We'll see how tonight goes then
we can discuss how you can thank me properly," a lusty smile on her lips.
I felt my pussy throb as I contemplated the possible meaning of her

We returned to our table and rejoined our husbands. I couldn't
help but watch the other people in the club as I sat sipping my drink. My
mind wandered as my eyes absorbed the sights around me. I was
particularly engrossed by the sexy dress of the women. The club was
quickly filling now and we had a good view of the entrance and I checked
out each couple as they entered. The dance floor began to become more active
and the DJ responded. The music became more sultry and sensual. Dance styles
which emphasized full body contact seemed to be the most popular as the
evening progressed.

A slow blues song came on over the sound system and Tom asked
me to dance. I quickly accepted and we were soon embracing on the
dance floor. Tom's lean, strong, swimmers build felt good as he led me
around the dance floor. I could feel the firmness of my taut nipples
pressed against the hardness of his chest and the bulge of his cock against
my own crotch. As Tom turned me I saw Bill and Nancy dancing across
the floor from us. Her large breasts spilling from her top and pressed
against his chest. I sudden thrill of excitement shot through me when I
felt Tom's hand slide from my waist to cup my ass.

I had to admit the feeling of this man's arms around me felt
deliciously good. If dancing with him felt this good and aroused me this
much, what would it be like to have him in bed, I wondered. As I
pondered this thought and realized my pussy was becoming moist with a
dew of excitement, the song ended and we went back to the table.
As the night progressed we continued to drink, dance, and laugh.
Several of Tom and Nancy's friends stopped by and we were introduced to
them. A few stopped and would enter into longer conversations with us
and I got the feeling that most of these people were genuinely friendly,
open people. The kind of people I would like as friends, I recall thinking
at the time.

I danced to several songs with both Tom and Bill. When dancing
with Bill we would get the opportunity to talk for a few moments alone
and do a quick status check. "What do you think so far, are you having a
good time, what did you think of him or her," etc., seemed to be the topics
of most of these discussions. As the night went on we seemed to really
relax and have a good time. These people, and especially our friends Tom
and Nancy really put us at ease and made the entire experience more
enjoyable for both of us.

At one point, the DJ announced it was "girls dance", and Nancy
quickly grabbed my hand and led me to dance floor. I was quickly
surrounded by Nancy and a few of her female friends that I had met earlier
in the evening. These "cluster dances" seemed to revolve around a bump
and grind technique that had me extremely hot. I recall the sensation of
my hard nipples pressed into the pillowy flesh of Nancy's breasts while
she humped my increasingly wet pussy on her thigh. Meanwhile, Nancy's
petite, and up to this point I had thought of as demure, friend Jill was
pressing her crotch into my ass and occasionally squeezing the firm globes
of my ass. Needless to say, it was a very exciting dance, and it reminded
me how hot and sexy these women were. They had all seemed to check
the prim and proper ladylike attitudes, that society has expected of them,
at the door. And to be honest, I was glad! I certainly had. The horny
little bitch in me was beginning to blossom and I was both shocked and
happy by this revelation.

I looked over at the table, and saw Tom and Bill intently watching
the events occurring on the dance floor. During the brief glance I got of
them I noticed that both seemed a little shocked as well. I'm sure my
husband was surprised that his darling wife had turned into such a hot

When the song was over I kissed Nancy, and we found ourselves
locked into a passionate kiss in the middle of the dance floor. The funny
thing was that no one else seemed to notice. I guess it wasn't all that
unusual, considering the make-up of the crowd. I also noticed as we
walked back to the table that there was a large wet spot on the hose on
Nancy's thigh. Oooops! The lady's dance seemed to be the signal, because everything
seemed to get wilder and wilder. The only rule seemed to be to have as
good a time as was legal. We were in "public" after all. The limits were
definitely being stretched. I saw several couples kissing and making out
on the dance floor and at the surrounding tables. While I wasn't nearly
drunk, the alcohol had had its effect on me and I joined in as much as I
could. Several of Nancy's friends came over and asked us to dance, both
individually and as a group and we frequently ended up in tight clusters on
the dance floor.

Nancy signaled me to join her for a "potty break" and we headed
off for the ladies room. When we entered the relative quiet of the
restroom, she informed me that we had been invited back over to Jill and
her husband Ben's house for a small party. Would we be interested? She
went on to explain that Jill and Ben were old friends and great lovers and
we would also be joined by another couple Tina and Jim. We had met
both couples during the course of the evening and had shared several
dances. I told her that I would discuss it with Bill and let her know.
Nancy said that Tom was telling Bill as we spoke and that they should let
them know what our decision was. She went on to explain that if we didn't
want to go that would be OK, they understood. This was, after all, our first
time and there would be no pressure to participate.

Bill and I went off to discuss the invitation and it was clear that he
was as excited as I was about this opportunity to "get into the swing of
things." We quickly headed back to join Tom and Nancy and confessed
that we would love to join them. Our response was greeted by warm
smiles and hugs from our new friends and Tom said, "we're glad ya'll
decided to come along, but just remember, there's no pressure to join in,
go at your own pace, OK?"
Jill and Ben and Tina and Jim joined us and I said, "Well what are
we waiting for?" With that we were off for the next phase of "The Great

Before I go on with the rest of this story let me tell you a little
about our four newest friends that were soon to become even closer
friends. I've told you a little about Jill. When you first meet her she looks
as if she would be more comfortable teaching Sunday school than hanging
out in a swing bar. In this case, appearances can be very deceiving. She is
a small petite lady with luscious, large tits and a tight very inviting ass.
After having gotten to know her better at the club, I learned that she can
be one hell of a party'er. Nancy told me that Jill has a reputation for
getting a party started. In contrast to his petite wife, Ben is large man that
looks more like an NFL linebacker than the lawyer that he is. I was
fascinated by his large hands and my mind kept wandering back to the old
saying about men with large hands. They are in their early forties and
have been into swinging for about ten years.

Jim and Tina are a young couple in their mid twenties who have
been in the lifestyle for about two years. Tina is a tall, statuesque blond
with small firm tits, a nice round ass, and these long, great looking legs.
Jim is very tall, at least 6'5", with a slim body that reminded me of a
cheetah, made for speed, I thought. He has these luscious lips that look
like they are begging to be kissed and soft, blue eyes you just want to melt

As we followed the caravan of cars heading off to Jill and Ben's
house, Bill and I discussed the erotic potential of our new friends. It
seemed as if our participation in a "party", as they called it, was a
foregone conclusion. Neither of us had any reservations and we both were
ready for whatever the evening brought our way. Bill admitted that he had
been really turned on watching me during the lady's dance and asked if I
was interested in getting together with the girls tonight. I told him I
wasn't sure, that I would play it by ear, there was just so many new things
happening at once I didn't want to rush it. I did say that I wasn't totally
against the idea; however, after a short five minute drive we arrived at our destination. Ben
quickly made everyone at home and got busy fixing drinks for everyone.
Not wanting to overdo the alcohol, Bill and I elected to switch to coffee
and Ben quickly had a pot brewing. I noticed that Jill had disappeared and
then reappeared suddenly, wearing a silk robe. She invited everyone to
get comfortable and soon everyone was shedding their clothes. I gave a
quick look to Bill and said to myself, "what the hell, when in Rome..."
Jill invited everyone to follow her back to the "party room." She
sure lived up to her reputation, she didn't waste anytime with pleasantries.
Not that I minded, I was as anxious to get started as anyone. Dressed in
only in my garter belt and hose, I was first in line to follow her. The party
room turned out to be a large bedroom with several large mattresses on the
floor, built in drawers for what Jill called "her toys", and an adjoining
bathroom which featured a large shower and a bidet.
As I watched Jill remove the robe and sensuously slide onto the
mattress, I felt a pair of arms slide around me. I turned slightly and saw
Tom's familiar face.
"Would anyone care to join me," asked Jill seductively?
"Would you like to join in," Tom asked?
"I'd love too," I replied.
I looked over towards Bill and saw that Nancy had him well taken
care of, her tongue probing deeply in his mouth. I joined Tom on the
mattress and our lips met in a prolonged and passionate kiss. His lips
moved to suck my earlobes and nibble my neck as I shuddered and felt
excited chills run through my body. Tom's mouth moved slowly across
my chest to my breasts and my nipple was soon buried in his mouth as he
suckled and nibbled on their sensitive tips.
A soft moan escaped my lips as I lay on the mattress, giving myself
up to the sweet sensations that Tom was producing in my body. I turned
my head slightly and saw, for the first time what else was going on in the
room. My handsome husband was reclined next to me and Nancy was
giving him what looked like a great blow job. I watched with a certain
degree of awe as she took his 7" inches deep into her throat. Deep
throating Bill's cock was something that I had attempted but was
physically unable to accomplish. Maybe some lessons were in order, I
thought to myself.

Bill's eyes met mine and it was clearly apparent that we were both
enjoying the moment. The pangs of jealousy that I had feared never
entered my mind and, to be honest, I found watching him with Nancy to
be a great turn-on. Tom's mouth had begun a journey which led to my
wet pussy. My eyes left Bill's as I watched our other playmates in action.
My eyes took in the lusty scene as Jill kneeled before Jim, sucking on his
long thin cock, her tongue occasionally washing his balls and then quickly
returning to his cock. Jill obviously enjoyed sucking cock, her soft,
enthusiastic moans filled the room as she continued to work on Jim's
hardness. Ben's large head was buried between Tina's long legs. Her
hands were busy alternating between pulling Ben's head deeper into her
pussy and pulling on the long, hard nipples perched atop her small, firm
tits. My attention was directed back to Tom as he began to intensify his
efforts on my cunt. He was flicking his tongue across my clit, sending
electric spasms of pleasure through my body. His fingers soon joined the
action, sliding deep into my sopping wet pussy. I felt the passion increase in
my body and the insistent rumbling of an approaching orgasm stir deep in
my belly. I felt movement next to me and saw that Nancy had swung her
ass around and was mounting Bill in a 69 position. I couldn't help but
reach out and stroke the beautiful lushness her ass as my husband buried
his face into the folds of her mons. I also noticed that Jill was taking
Jim's cock deep and fast into the recesses of her mouth, groaning around
it's hardness as she did so. She suddenly cried out, begging him to give
her his cum. His body tensed and he issued a wild roar and I watched as
he pumped his load into the depths of her throat. Tina was thrusting her
hips up into Ben's face, her legs wrapped tightly around his head and her
hands pulling wildly at her nipples, and she came, her hips wildly gyrating
against his face. Tina's moans of pleasure filled the confines of the room
as her orgasm peaked. Suddenly, the fingers and tongue which I had enjoyed so much
were gone. I looked back toward Tom and saw him holding his very hard,
very large cock between my legs. The vacuum left by his mouth and
fingers was quickly replaced as his cock slid through the welcoming portal
of my cunt. A loud cry of pure pleasure spilled from my lips and filled the
room as my pussy attempted to adjust to his length and girth. He slowly
slid deep into my cunt and I was soon filled with more cock than I had
ever thought possible. I felt so full, yet at the same time so wonderful as
he began to slowly thrust in and out of my quivering depths. I relaxed the
muscles in my cunt and accepted it, taking everything he had to offer.
I was suddenly brought back to reality by the touch of a warm hand
on my breast. I discovered that the hand belonged to none other than
Nancy, who was now straddling Bill's hips, his cock impaled deep in her.
She continued to caress my breast and I reached up and felt the weight of
her tit in the palm of my hand. Her smile and the look on her face told me
that she was enjoying Bill's cock as much as I was Tom's. Our eyes met
for a long moment and we shared the pleasure that we were experiencing.
She leaned over to me and our lips met and we shared a level of intimacy I
had never felt with another woman. The fact that her husband was
continuing to fuck me with that big cock of his only seemed to add to the
intimacy and sharing of that moment. As our lips parted and she returned to the business of fucking herself on Bill's cock, my eyes moved to Bill and I saw that Nancy was
not the only one enjoying herself. His hands were cupping her ass,
helping her drive herself onto the length of his cock. A cock that I knew
so well, and that had produced so much pleasure in my own body over the
years. As I lay there, feeling Tom's cock continue to drive deep into my
pussy, I relished in the fact that we could share this. I reflected on how we
could fuck other people, but at the same time enjoy the experience and
share in each other's pleasure. The pleasure experienced by the man I
loved only seemed to add to my own and expand on it.
My eyes shifted over towards our playmates and I saw that Ben
had now mounted Tina and was driving his big cock deep into her. Jim
was recuperating from Jill's oral efforts and playing voyeur while Jill
moved over to join her husband and Tina. She was soon busy sucking on
Tina's tits while her husband thrust into pussy. Tina's legs were wrapped
around Ben's hips, encouraging him to pump into her harder and deeper.
He was giving her what she wanted and Tina's cries soon began to echo
through the room.

Another series of moans and cries of pleasure joined Tina's, and I
was a little surprised when I discovered they were my own. Tom
increased the pace of his strokes into my profusely lubricating pussy and I
felt the familiar sensation of my orgasmic peak approaching.
"Yea, give it to her Tom, fuck her good," Nancy exhorted him on,
obviously enjoying the sight of her husband fucking my aroused body.
"YES Pleeeze, fuck me, it feels soooo good," I cried. The
sensations of my approaching climax which began as a fire between my
legs then shot from my pussy through my body, my screams of release
soon filled the expanse of the room. I vaguely heard Tina's cries of
release rise and join my own as she too reached her peak.
Tom continued to thrust wildly into my cunt and his groans
harmonized with my own as I once again rose toward orgasm. From
somewhere in the fog of near orgasm I heard Bill's voice encouraging me,
"Yea baby cum, cum." His hand reached over and pulled on my nipple,
knowing that to be a sure fire trigger when I'm close to cumming.
With a tremendous thrust that shook me, Tom buried his bursting
cock deep and my pussy muscles spasmed around the length of his cock as
he pumped his load into my depths. I drifted off into that wonderful mist
of post-orgasmic euphoria as I felt Tom's cock finally come to rest,
embedded within me and felt his body slump on top of my own, his
weight reassuring and warm. The room echoed with the wet sounds of sex
and the sighs of pleasure from the other participants in our party,
punctuated by Tina's orgasmic cries, creating an erotic backdrop to my
descent into sensuous relaxation.

As I slowly drifted back to awareness of my surrounding, I heard
Nancy cries and saw that she was vigorously grinding her cunt down onto
Bill's cock. Her face was contorted in pleasure, as was Bill's. Bill's hips
were thrusting up into her, meeting her hips with a slapping sound. The
urgency of their movements made it clear they were close to reaching their
own orgasms.
I felt Tom move and felt his softening cock slide out of my cunt,
our combined juices flowing out and coating my sex and rolling down the
cleft of my ass. It was a wickedly sensuous sensation and I loved it. Tom
moved over behind Nancy, caressing her ass as she continued to fuck Bill.
Feeling a little more animated myself and rolled over on my side to join
my husband and share in his pleasure. My lips met his and we kissed, his
ragged breath and soft groans filling my mouth. I reached over and felt
for Nancy's breast and began to gently pull on her taut nipples just as she
began to cum.

"OHHH GOD YES, I'm cummming," she screamed. Her cries
seemed to reach a peak, recede, and then peak again and again as she
came over and over. Bill's familiar moans signaling his own orgasm rose
to meet Nancy's and his body trembled as his sperm jetted into Nancy's
quivering pussy. She slumped forward and I relinquished Bill's lips to his
newest lover, allowing them to share this moment together.
My view was directed over to the other members of our group.
Ben's roar filled my ears as he buried his cock into Tina's writhing body.
Jim had joined their arrangement of bodies, he sucked on one breast while
Jill was busy at the other. Jim's orgasm triggered another by Tina and
they came together, accompanied by the mingled sounds of their pleasure.
The room was suddenly quiet, as compared to the earlier melody our
combined assortment of moans, groans, and cries had created. All that
could be heard was the soft, quick breathing as we all attempted to catch
our breath and recover from our earlier exertions and the soft hum of a
ceiling fan. There were naked, sweaty bodies strewn across the expanse
of the room.

When he had recovered, Jill dispatched Ben to get refreshments for
parched throats which had only moments before been filled with the cries
of ecstasy. Nancy rolled over and I felt her soft face against my thigh.
"I hope you don't mind, but I love to clean up behind Tom," she
"Please do, don't let me stop you from doing what you enjoy," I
giggled. With that, I felt her soft face, so different from any man's,
nestled between my thighs and begin to lick the juices that coated my
nether regions. The sensation of her tongue on the soft expanse of my
thighs was almost electric. My body was still sensitized by the recent
orgasms which had flooded it. She lifted my legs and I dr*ped them over
her shoulders and I soon felt her tongue against my labia which had so
recently clasped the hardness of her husband's cock. Her tongue feasted
on our mingled juices as she ran it from my puckered asshole to my clit.
The brief contact of her tongue on my clit produced a shudder throughout
my body but it soon passed as she glued her mouth to the opening of my
cunt, drinking deeply from the juices there.

"Ummmm, you taste so good," she moaned, her breath warm on
my pussy lips. My hands had unconsciously found their way to her head
and were buried in her hair, pulling her even deeper into my pussy.
Summoning all my courage, I said, "Would you care to share some
of what you've got with me."
"Glad to," she replied. She moved around and offered me her
pussy, suspended over my face even while she continued to feast on my
pussy. I stared up at the shiny glow of her juicy nether lips, studying their
form and beauty. Here goes nothing, I said to myself and reached up to
pull her dripping pussy down to my waiting mouth. With the cheeks of
her ass filling the palms of my hands, I buried my face into the soft,
shaved recess of Nancy's pussy. I had always loved the taste of Bill's
cum, but the taste of it combined with Nancy's sweet juices was more
than I could have hoped for. I reveled in the sensation of her soft thighs
around my face, the sweetness and saltiness of their juices on my tongue,
and the aroma of sex in my nose. It was a totally sensual experience. This
does not even take into account the feeling of her tongue and lips on my
own sex as she continued the assault on it, providing me with the pleasure
only another woman can give. In addition, I could feel the softness of our
breasts against each other's bellies, their hard nipples pressing deeply into
the flesh.

I continued to lick and suck on the exposed flesh of her pussy lips,
not exactly sure what to do, following what she was doing and trying to
copy what I liked to have done to my own. Apparently, I was successful
because I soon heard, and felt, Nancy's soft sighs into my pussy as she
expressed her pleasure. Likewise, I was soon moaning my pleasure into
her pussy as she moved her attention to my clit. I could feel the pressure
of my swollen pussy lips and enlarged, erect clit beneath her tongue. My
tongue also moved to her clit and I enjoyed feeling it respond to my
efforts. My most deeply rooted and longest held inhibitions were washed
away as I continued with my initiation into the joys of bisexuality.
She has a large clit and I liked the way it felt against my tongue.
Following her lead, I wrapped my lips around her clit and softly sucked on
it while continuing to flick my tongue against its head. Her guttural
moans vibrated against my clit and I felt the arousal once again build in
my body. The juice from Nancy's pussy flowed freely into my mouth as I
released a groan that came from deep in my throat.
Her juice coated finger began to rub softly against my asshole and
I couldn't help but move my hips, inviting her to go further. The finger
quickly accepted the invitation and slid, hesitantly at first and then with
more confidence, halfway into the warm recess of my ass. A loud moan
escaped my lips and I felt the muscles of my rectum opening to accept it,
trying to pull it in deeper. Nancy obliged and her finger was soon
plunging in and out of my ass.

The combination of Nancy's finger in my ass and her mouth on my
cunt had me soaring to ever higher levels of arousal. It felt as if my pussy
was gushing forth juice and Nancy would occasionally move her mouth
down to suck up the flow. Nancy sensed my approaching orgasm and her
mouth began to relentlessly suck on my trigger, driving me over the edge.
Giving myself up to the pleasure, my cries of release filled the room and
my orgasm peaked. Nancy drove her invading finger all the way into my
ass and pleasurable sensations crashed throughout my aroused body.
Somehow I continued my own efforts through my orgasm and my
cries of release only seemed to fuel Nancy's pleasure. Her own imminent
climax was fast approaching, as she became caught up in the excitement
of the moment. I slid a finger into the copious flow of juice coming from
her pussy and placed it against the rosebud of her ass. Her hips thrust
back and buried my finger in her ass and I felt the muscle grab at it. Her
load groans, muffled by her thighs tightly clenching my head, rose in pitch
and volume as she peaked and came. Her ass clasped my finger tightly as
I felt the orgasm churn through her body.
When Nancy and I untangled our bodies, I saw that our male
partners, reclined around the room, seemingly enjoying the show that we
women provided. Most were casually stroking their semi-erect cocks,
certain in that they would be needed soon. A few feet away, I saw Jill and
Tina sharing a double headed dildo buried deep in their pussies. Their
legs were entwined and their hands clasped each other's as they pumped
the dildo into their cunts.

Nancy leaned over and hugged me, licking her own shining juices
from my face as she did so. "Jill just loves her toys, especially when she
has someone to share them with. Would you care to join them," she
I nodded my consent and we moved over to join the two women so
obviously enjoying being joined in such an erotic manner. Nancy lowered
her face to their joined sexes and alternated between licking their exposed
clits, two audible groans mingled in the air as Nancy's tongue went to
work. I meanwhile, moved to Jill's D-cup breasts and began to suck and
lick the luscious flesh they offered.
"Yea, that's it, suck on my tits, I love to have them sucked, I like
them nibbled on too, OHHH YEA!," she moaned. My teeth bore down on
yielding flesh of her hard nipple as my hand softly pinched the other.
"YES, YES, just like that," she cried. "I'M GONNA CUM, don't
stop, don't stop, AHHHH." Jill's hips rocked back into Tina's exposed
pussy, burying the dildo as far as possible and her orgasm washed over her
body, her hand clutching me tightly to her breast.
When Jill's hand had freed my head, I moved over to Tina. She
reached up and pulled my head to her so that my lips were against the full
softness of her own. Her moans filled my mouth as she continued to drive
the dildo deep into her own pussy, striving for her own release. I moved
my mouth to her breast and I couldn't help but compare the firm tightness
of her B-cups to the lush softness of Jill's. Both were wonderful in their
own right, but so different. Her nipples were very hard and stood out like
two pencil erasers, firm against my tongue.
"Yea, I like them sucked hard, please," she begged softly. I began
to suck, occasionally swiping my tongue across them while alternating
back and forth. I pulled on one with my fingers while sucking on the
other. Tina's hips picked up the pace of her thrusts on the dildo as she
continued to grind into it. Nancy's mouth was firmly attached to Tina's
clit as she assisted by thrusting the dildo in and out of both of their love
holes with her free hand.
Tina's orgasmic cries filled the room and I watched as Nancy's
face was drenched by Tina as she shot her juice out of her pussy. I had
heard of female ejaculation of course, but had never actually seen it and I
was totally mesmerized by the sight. Tina's body seemed to go into
convulsions as her orgasm went on and on and she continued to gyrate on
the rubber cock buried in her spasming cunt. A fierceness filled her
features as the lust overwhelmed her and her orgasm continued to flow
through her passion washed body. Meanwhile, Jill rushed to meet her with
another of her own orgasms and their screams of ecstasy mingled. Finally
their bodies relaxed and they collapsed on the mattress completely spent.
My mind quickly flew to the question of where I could get a
double dildo of my own. I made a note to ask Nancy at the first
opportunity, this was definitely something I wanted to check out for
I needed a break, that was certain. I grabbed Nancy's hand and led her to
the bathroom. My legs were a little rubbery as we retreated from the party
"Having a good time," she asked after we were in the bathroom.
"God yes," I replied, "I don't think I've come that hard in years,
and I loved eating your pussy, it was everything I hoped it would be and
more, but you gotta tell me where I can get one of those dildos."
"Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping at the toy store. Maybe
I ought to show you my toy collection before we go, you might find
something else you gotta have," she said with a wicked smile.
"I'm sure you might have a few suggestions, does this offer
include a test drive of a few of your favorite toys," I giggled?
"Absolutely, I'm fully in favor of an informed consumer," she
replied with a girlish smile on her face.
We took a quick shower and Nancy's soapy hands felt great on my
body. I was tempted to continue with her in the shower but I wanted to
get back to the party, certain of the fact that Nancy and I would have
plenty of time to spend with each other in the future. The party took a
small break as everyone used the opportunity to take a quick shower and
replenish lost bodily fluids before we continued. As I sat with Bill,
drinking a glass of wine, I reflected on the fact that we had certainly fallen
in with a group of hard-core party animals, not that I was complaining.
The action was quick to begin again. Jill came over to Tom and
Bill and said, "I haven't been fucked by any of you big strong men yet and
I think its time to make up for lost time. Would you care to help take care
of little ole me."
Tom was quick to answer for both of them and said, "It would be
our pleasure ma'am, especially seeing how you have been so horribly
deprived of our masculine prowess." Jill's face lit up with a grin and they
found some open space to lay down.
That left Ben, Jim, Tina, Nancy and I to devise something for
ourselves. We all fell into a tangle of bodies. A few of the details remain
a little fuzzy in my mind but I recall a steady stream of cocks, pussies, and
tits as we attempted to find as many combinations as theoretically
possible. I recall having Ben fucking me doggy style while I gluttonously
fed on Tina's pussy. Meanwhile, Nancy took Jim's long thin cock in her
ass while she grunted her pleasure to the world and Tina sucked the full
mounds of her tits.

Later, I sat on Tina's face, her tongue plunged deep into my cunt
and her nose rubbing against my clit while Ben fucked her and sucked my
nipples. Nancy was screaming for Jim to give him his cock. They were a
frenzy of activity, his cock thrusting wildly into her upturned, beautiful
bottom. As they strived toward orgasm it seemed to drive Tina, Ben, and I
on. Our orgasms seemed to merge and flow between the five of us and a
cacophony of moans, groans, screams, grunts, and roars of pleasure filled
my ears.

At one point I looked over towards Jill and saw that Bill was busy
with his head between her thighs while Tom was sliding his big cock
between her mammoth tits and she was sucking on its large mushroom-
shaped head. I was distracted by my own partners for a few minutes and
lost track of the action. Later I looked over to see that she was
sandwiched between Tom and Bill. Tom's big cock was stretching her
cunt open while my husband's was planted deep in her ass.
"She loves that," Nancy whispered to me, "She says there's
nothing like having both her holes filled with two hard cocks."
Knowing how much Bill loved anal sex, I was sure he was
thoroughly enjoying himself. My own curiosity was also raised, I had
always wondered what it would feel like to have two cocks at the same
time and I had certainly enjoyed having Bill's cock stuffed in my rear
passage on more than one occasion. I put the possibility of this sex act on
the back burner for a later occasion, but I realized it probably wouldn't
remain there for long. My reflection on Jill's predicament was not long
lasted as Tina's persistent tongue and Ben's mouth on my nipples brought
me back to the reality of my own pleasure.

I had not yet sampled Jim's cock, and I intended to do so before
the night was over. When he returned from washing up, I approached him
and our bodies were soon entwined on the mattress. I stretched across his
tall form and took his soft cock in my hungry mouth. My efforts were
quickly rewarded by the swelling of his cock which soon reached its full
length. My tongue savored the saltiness of his pre-cum as I continued to
fuck his dick with my mouth. It fit comfortably in my mouth and I reveled
in the sensation of it pumping through my lips and across my tongue and
his masculine smell filling my nose. As his lust increased, he began
humping and driving his cock into the softness of my sucking mouth.
As much as I enjoyed the experience of having his cock in my
mouth, and as much as I would have loved to enjoy the feeling of
throbbing ejaculation in my mouth, I desperately needed the itch between
my legs satisfied. I rolled him over and said, "Come here big boy, I have a
good place for that dick, care to make a very horny lady happy?"
"Never let it be said that I was not more than happy to
accommodate a willing lady," he said with a smile on his face.
I reached out for his long cock and led him to my waiting portal.
Within seconds I was enjoying the feeling as he slid through the shaved
lips of my cunt. I had already decided to keep my pussy shaved, the
increased sensitivity being well worth the additional effort. His cock
seemed to keep sliding deeper and deeper into my wet snatch. Its initial
thrust went on and on and my PC muscle bore down on it, squeezing his
length. I wrapped my legs around his and encouraged him to give me the
fucking I craved. My hips swiveled under his as if of their own accord.
My body was definitely on auto-pilot as he began to slowly increase the
pace and depths of his thrusts.

My concentration on the pleasures being produced in my body was
suddenly interrupted by the loud, high pitched squeals which filled the
room. Looking around, I saw that Jill was slamming her hips back into
Bill's cock and grinding her cunt down onto Tom. I watched as orgasms
rippled through her body, one quickly followed by another as she came
over and over again. The look on Bill's face and the sound of his
breathing told me that he was close to coming and sure enough he was
soon crying out as he came, his throbbing cock buried to the base in Jill's
small, tight ass.

Jill didn't miss a beat when Bill pulled his cock from her clasping
asshole, she continued to ride Tom's cock continuing to experience a
series of explosions as her multiple orgasms rocketed through her body.
Finally, it was all too much for Tom and he cried out as his cock erupted
into her cunt.
Meanwhile, Ben, Nancy, and Tina were also busy. Tina was being
fucked by Ben from behind, as they lay on their sides in the spoon
position, while Nancy was busy licking her exposed pussy and the base of
Ben's cock. The sound of Ben's cock fucking her wet cunt, Nancy's
slurping tongue, and Tina's soft sighs of arousal made for a wonderful
backdrop to the sight of the three of them together. Watching X-rated
videos will never be the same, I thought to myself as I watched them.
The increased pace of Jim's thrusts brought my full attention back
to him. The muscles in my cunt bega.....................

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